Ultraboost 3.0 – New Colourways and Links

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Oi Oi Oi Lee Satchel you Bastard...(Sorry getting caught up on what I'm actually supposed to be doing)
Mandem/Gyaldem, The New Ultraboost 3.0's are here and the colourways are looking as fresh as F***!
Personal favourite of ours is "Night cargo/ Clay brown", which is loosely based on our old favourites the Olive UB 1.0
If you haven't worn a pair of Ultraboost yet (what you playin' at) then we highly recommend the 3.0's because they feature STRETCHWEB which literally holds your foot together like a sock.
Heres a small gallery of the updated images and links (In the words of Drake, If you're reading this it's probably too late) however we'll keep updating them as and when they come in. 




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