Leon Knight Launches Online Clothing Store

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Yup, The Ex-Pro baller and full time Banter Ranter has branched out into fashion.

If you follow Leon Knight on the Twit or the Gram you probably already know this, however we thought we’d drop a piece to show some support.

The Social rancorous rhetorician launched Weekendking last week and on first impressions. We get it. We see what he’s trying to do.

From a Sneakerhead perspective, we understand you can’t wear Yeezy’s and bootcut jeans. (p.s. if thats you, please turn yourself in now). “Urban” needs to be done right..imagine more dapper/less derelict´e

Yes, the range isn’t quite there yet but we have no doubt that they’ll soon have a partner portfolio longer than D Lloyds D list.  We’re looking forward to see how it progresses.







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